Candles Made to Do Good


Simply Candles & Gifts' Mission

Ever wonder why we say our candles are made to do good? It’s because we are so passionate about supporting nonprofits and we choose to donate a portion of Simply Candles & Gift's candle sales to organizations that are doing great things to better our local community and our world. We choose a new nonprofit to donate to every quarter to be able to impact different organizations and also to help get the word out about them.

We’re so excited to announce the nonprofit we are going to be donating to throughout the next few months. We have donated to this particular organization in the past and we can’t wait to partner with them again!

Why We Are Giving to Freedom 4/24

Freedom424 is such an incredible nonprofit that operates out of Lynchburg, Virginia. Just take a look at their mission, “Our mission is to bring freedom and justice to victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking through raising awareness and providing financial support for frontline organizations working to end these forms of modern day slavery”. We’re 110% behind this mission.

Human trafficking is so heartbreaking. Austin and I are very passionate about this cause. It’s a burden that has been on my heart for quite a while. It’s so easy in our culture to ignore what’s happening. The more I have learned and done research, I have been shocked to find out that it isn’t just in third world countries, human trafficking is happening in our own backyards - even in Virginia.

Throughout the next few months, we will be sharing more about Freedom424 and their mission to end human trafficking. I encourage you to check out Freedom 4/24 to learn more about what they do.

Join us in supporting them as they do this extremely important work!

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