FAQ's | Simply Candles & Gifts

What are the candles made of?

Our candles are made with wax from natural, U.S. grown soy beans and a hand-selected blend of non-toxic fine fragrance oils and essential oils. We also use cotton wicks in our candles for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn. 

How long do soy candles last? 

4 oz candles- 20+ hours of burn time

8oz candles- 40+ hours of burn time

12oz candles- 60+ hours of burn time

16oz candles- 80+ hours of burn time 

Why do you use soy wax? And what on earth are phthalates? 

We have chosen to use soy wax for our candles for a few reasons. Soy wax is all natural. It doesn’t contain toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. Soy wax also burns at a cooler temperature meaning you will be able to enjoy it longer than paraffin candles. We use soy wax that was produced from US grown soybeans.

Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are used to dissolve raw materials when making fragrance oils. While they have been used for years in many products, there has recently been concern that high levels of phthalates can cause health issues. While it isn’t clear on the levels that people encounter can cause adverse effects, the majority of our candles do not contain phthalates. We have made a note on product descriptions that have phthalates for your consideration.

What length should I keep my wick?

We recommend that you trim your wick to 1/4" to 1/2" before lighting your candle each time. This will keep your candles from smoking and producing too large of a flame, which can lead to soot around the glass. 

More info can be found about taking care of your candles on our blog. 

How long should I burn my candle?

The first light of your candle is the most important. It's important to burn long enough to allow the melted wax on the surface to reach the edge of the jar. This generally takes 2-4 hours. (The most common reason for tunneling in a candle is not allowing it to melt all the way across the first burn.)

After the first burn, we recommend burning your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time. 

Do you do bulk orders or special events?

Absolutely! We offer competitive bulk pricing and can offer different design templates based on your event. Send us a message and let’s talk!

How long will it take to get my package?

While we do our best to get packages out the same day, our goal is to have all orders fulfilled within 1-2 business days.

I noticed “bubbles” or “wet spots” on my candle. Is something wrong? 

You may notice that the wax pulls away from the glass in certain areas. Since our candles are 100% natural and do not have added chemicals, this is one of the imperfections that may result. Have no fear! This does not impact the scent or the burning time of the candle. As you burn the candle (or even heat the side of the candle with a blow dryer), the wax expands and changes form. When the candle cools back down, it contracts and will sometimes have these “wet spots” show on the side of the glass.

I saw that you guys support non-profits through your candle sales. Can I suggest one for you to support in the future? 

Send us a message! We would be glad to hear your idea for a future non-profit organization to support.